Illinois Medical – Aetna

Effective January 1, 2021:  Medical plan administration moves to Health Choices.

You have two medical options through the HSHS Healthy Plan - Aetna:

  • Basic Option
  • High Option
  • Waive Coverage

Coverage Options

When you enroll in medical (including prescription drug coverage),you can choose from these coverage levels:

  • Colleague only
  • Colleague + Spouse/LDA
  • Colleague + Child(ren)
  • Colleague + Spouse and Child(ren)

Find a Provider

HSHS Facilities, HSHS Medical Group providers, HSHS Preferred Specialists, and HSHS Preferred Primary Care Physicians. Click here to locate HSHS Preferred and Aetna Providers.

Compare Your Options

Review the Medical Plan Options Comparison Chart in the 2020 Flexplan Benefits Guide.

Resources to Help You Choose

For more information on Medical coverage, please view the HSHS Medical SPD.