Wisconsin Medical - Dean

You have two medical options through the HSHS Healthy Plan – Dean Health Plan:

  • Basic Option
  • High Option
  • Waive Coverage

Coverage Options

When you enroll in medical (including prescription drug coverage), you can choose from these coverage levels:

  • Colleague only
  • Colleague + Spouse/LDA
  • Colleague + Child(ren)
  • Colleague + Spouse and Child(ren)

Find a Provider

To locate network providers, follow these steps:

2. Determine your network service area. Your network is determined by your home ZIP code.
3. Based on your network service area, select Find a Prevea360 provider or HealthEOS provider.

Resources to Help You Choose

  • Flexplan Decision Guide - Review the Medical Plan Option Comparison Chart to help you determine which option is best for you.
  • Dean to view your medical claim history, find a doctor, and use a variety of tools.