Illinois Prescription Drugs – Express Scripts

When you enroll in a Flexplan medical option, you will automatically have prescription drug coverage. The program is administered by Express Scripts, and covers both prescriptions you fill at your participating local retail pharmacy – and prescriptions filled through the mail service option that can help you save time and money. In either case, after you meet the separate prescription drug deductible for your medical plan option, the plan pays 80% of the covered cost of covered generic prescriptions and 70% of the cost of covered brand-name medications.

Prescription drug benefits will feature a formulary or preferred drug list for brand-name drugs. Your cost for brand-name drugs will be lower when you use a drug on the Express Scripts formulary. For non-preferred brand-name prescriptions, you pay an extra cost - $15 at the pharmacy and $45 for mail service. Click here to find out if your medication is on the formulary or call 1-800-841-5345.


The prescription drug benefit does not coordinate with other prescription drug plans, and covers only prescriptions filled at pharmacies participating in the Express Scripts network.

For more information including retail pharmacy, mail service, generic and brand name drugs, prior authorization and step therapy, please view the Flex Plan Decision Guide or login to your account by clicking here.