Since launching in fall 2017, the HSHS LiveWELL Program has made an impact on colleagues across HSHS!  With over 11,000 colleagues enrolled, HSHS promotes total health and well-being for colleagues through this program.  Read how LiveWELL has made an impact on these colleagues over the last year.

September 2019 LiveWELL Success Stories

Name: Missy 
Position: Registered Nurse   
Ministry: St. Vincent’s Hospital – Green Bay, WI
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 2 (2,500-4,999 points) 

My favorite LiveWELL category so far has been the physical category because all my numbers every year have been perfect except for my weight.  What I like most about LiveWELL is the encouragement to attain health or remain healthy. The support and tools are there in the program.  HSHS values us and wants us to be healthy in mind, appearance and spirit. I've appreciated the 3 counseling sessions with Dana S. (LiveWELL Healthy Coach).  In trying to find some inspiration and motivation to shed some winter pounds, some colleagues and I brainstormed some activities we could do together. We ultimately settled on the Bellin Women's Half Marathon. By attaining the 7,000 steps per day (or 49,000 weekly) along with the 150 minutes of activity weekly, we are able to coach, cheer and guide each other. Can't say I've lost any weight, but running is great for clearing my mind, reducing stress, and nourishes the soul. LiveWELL is also good for teaching us to prevent injuries and be flexible!  

Name: Cleopatra 
Position: Certified RN Anesthetist    
Ministry: HSHS Medical Group 
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 2 (2,500-4,999 points) 

The physical aspect of LiveWELL has been my favorite challenge category.  I’m over 40 and desired to improve my health. Thanks to HSHS LiveWELL I’m motivated again to live a healthy lifestyle. I’m working out consistently and making better food choices. One LiveWELL challenge was to visit a farmer’s market. It’s not something I was big into before but now it’s my primary source for fresh fruits and vegetables. I have my energy and having positive results on the scale! Yippee!! 
Name: Pamela 
Position: Registered Nurse   
Ministry: St. Joseph’s Hospital – Breese
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 1 (1,500-2,499 points) 

The financial category has been my favorite LiveWELL category. I think it’s very important to prepare for your future and set up your plans for retirement. HSHS St. Joseph's in Breese made it very easy for me to make appointments with the financial group. They were very informative and made sure that I had opportunities to ask questions so that I fully understood everything they offered. Along with the financial aspect of LiveWELL, the overall program is very easy to understand. It helps you focus on your goals and to be a healthier person. I especially like the group activities as I am newer to the HSHS family, these activities will help me get to know my coworkers better.  

Name: Mike 
Position: Phlebotomist II   
Ministry: St. John’s Hospital –Springfield, IL
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 1 (1,500-2,499 points) 

The physical challenge category has been my favorite category in the LiveWELL program. It has helped me to recognize where I am lacking in my daily health habits. The LiveWELL program has also helped me to balance my work life and family life better! I am now more physically involved with my kids, and they can tell the difference. My wife has seen a change for the better as I'm not as groggy when I get off work, and I am more focused on what matters the most in my home/personal life. My health has become a top priority, and I have shared some ideas with my wife so that we can go on a health journey together. The program is helping to stimulate the minds of my kids as well. They love the idea of eating healthier, and my oldest is no longer a home body. He used to stay inside and play video games all day, but he's more active outside now! I'm proud of him. My youngest finally learned how to ride a bike (he faced his fear). Some of my fellow colleagues have been inspirational as well because of their eating habits. I often see some of them choosing salads at lunch time instead of fatty and greasy foods. 
Name: Jill 
Position: Social Worker  
Ministry: St. Mary’s Hospital – Decatur, IL

The emotional category has been my favorite of the LiveWELL program so far. I love connecting with people! The challenges have provided ideas and opportunities for connecting with coworkers and loved ones. I completed the challenge of walking and talking with a colleague over our lunch break. We were able to connect outside the work environment as friends, not just colleagues. 
I look forward to checking my LiveWELL every morning. LiveWELL reminds me of the importance of taking care of myself- physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have reconnected with old friends and paid better attention to my health. I truly enjoy my LiveWELL challenges; although I must admit at first, I felt it was too much of a commitment. Once I made the decision it was worth the effort to focus on me, it no longer felt like I was squeezing something new into my day. Instead, LiveWELL is now a part of my daily routine and self-care. I truly love the commitment I have made to better myself- mind, body and spirit!

Name: Karen
Position: Technical Analyst III   
Ministry: Hospital Sisters Health System – Information Service Center (ISC) 
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 2 (2,500-4,999 points) 

I enjoy the challenges offered by LiveWELL, especially the physical challenges. Participating in the LiveWELL program has given me the incentive to eat healthy, exercise more, and live well. In the past I quickly completed the basic level 1 - SEEK rewards within the first month and didn’t sign into LiveWELL until the next year. This year after completing level 1, I continued on with level 2.  It took me two months to reach the STRIVE level and then I didn’t sign into LiveWELL again until mid-May.  In Mid-May, I decided to try to obtain the remaining 2500 points to reach the 3rd level - SUCCEED.  It’s the end of August and I haven’t reached the 3rd level yet; but I haven’t giving up. What I learned while aiming for the 3rd level was to look within myself. I asked myself “Am I living my life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it?”  My answer was “YES!”  Then I asked myself, “What could I do differently to better myself?”  That was the question that changed my outlook on life.  Now, I observe the details in nature; I truly enjoyed the early morning outdoor yoga classes this summer; I am also reading food labels at the grocery store and it’s amazing what I put back on the shelf after reading the labels. When I stopped hurrying through LiveWELL just to get to the next level, that’s when I was able to truly experience living well. 

The attachment is a picture of my mother and me; I am reading her one of her birthday cards.  She is 89 years old.  We all write messages on her cards, even the great grandchildren.  Everyone takes a turn reading their card to her (sometime via facetime).  Those who cannot be there on her special day, I read the messages to her.

Name: Teresa 
Position: Coder   
Ministry: St. John’s Hospital –Springfield, IL
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 3 (5,000 points and above) 

Physical category is my favorite. I love how Livewell promotes exercise and living an active & healthy lifestyle. Sitting at a desk all day can be hard on your body but seeing daily reminders to get out there really inspires me to move and get up! 
Pictured is me in the grey taking a walk with my co-workers.



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