How Do I Estimate My Healthcare Expenses?

The HSHS Healthy Plan Cost Estimator includes a specific list of the most commonly used medical services, and asks you to enter numbers for each category based on how often you and each of your covered dependents will use those services during 2019.

Collect your statements of medical claims paid for the last year or so to help you predict some of your likely expenses for 2019.

You can run as many different estimates as you like. They are all confidential; no one is monitoring how individuals use the cost estimator tools.

As you use the HSHS Healthy Plan Cost Estimator and consider the results it provides, keep in mind that it provides a general idea, rather than a precise calculation of your costs for the coming year. There are several reasons for that:

  • Your actual cost will depend on the actual services you receive. Most people cannot predict exactly what medical services they will need in the coming year.
  • The estimator does not include all possible services you could receive. It includes the services most commonly considered by individuals in selecting a plan, but provides a limited list to help keep the estimator simple and quick.
  • Plan limits and allowances are NOT considered. This estimator does not track individual limits on benefits, so these limits or allowances are not reflected in the results.
  • All facility services are assumed to be received at an HSHS facility. Your out-of-pocket expenses will be higher if you receive services from a hospital or outpatient facility other than HSHS.