Short-Term Disability and EIB

HSHS provides short-term disability coverage at no cost to you. Benefits are payable if you are away from work because of your own personal injury or illness, including pregnancy.


If You Have an EIB Balance

Your Extended Illness Benefit hours will be available for you to use for sickness or illness. Like STD, EIB begins on the next regularly scheduled work day following seven consecutive calendar days of absence due to disability. The STD benefit is payable after you exhaust any accrued EIB balance. Once your EIB hours are used, the STD program will provide a continuous benefit of 70% of your base pay for the rest of your first 26 weeks of disability.


Paid Time Off (PTO) will be used to receive pay for any regularly scheduled work days that fall within the first seven consecutive calendar days of absence when STD benefits are not payable. You may also use PTO to supplement your pay while receiving STD benefits. The combination of PTO and STD payments cannot exceed 100% of your regular pay.

STD/Family Medical Leave Forms
Request for Use of Paid Time Off (PTO) with Short-Term Disability
Request to Reserve Paid Time Off (PTO) with Family Medical Leave
General Leave of Absence Application Form