Identity Theft Protection

Protect yourself and your family! Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus will offer you proactive monitoring to help you see, manage, and protect your personal data. In addition to a $1 million identity theft insurance policy, Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus will help you monitor your online activity, from financial transactions to social media. 

Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus provides financial activity monitoring and account activity alerts, as well as monitoring of your social media accounts for vulgarity, threats or violence, explicit content and cyberbullying. With Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus, you’ll also receive credit monitoring and alerts, credit assistance, digital exposure reports, data breach notifications, dark web monitoring, IP address monitoring, sex offender notifications, and more! Physician NPI data, DEA and other license monitoring will also be included. In addition, Allstate’s team of in-house experts, available 24/7, will fully manage your restoration case.

Once enrolled, visit the Allstate Identity Protection site to create an account and protect your identity.
Allstate Identity Protection