Long Term Disability

What is Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance and how much is the benefit?
Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance is insurance that provides 60% of your salary, up to a monthly maximum of $10,000, in the event you become disabled due to illness or injury.
This is money that you can use to pay your expenses while you are disabled and unable to work.

Note: The amount you receive from LTD insurance is adjusted if you receive benefits or disability income from other sources such as Social Security or Worker’s Compensation. However, regardless of the benefits you receive from other sources, the minimum benefit payable from LTD insurance is 10% of your gross benefit or $100, whichever is greater.
How long are LTD benefits paid?
  • The duration of benefits is based on your age when you become disabled.
  • Your LTD benefits are payable for the period during which you continue to meet the definition of disability.
  • If your disability occurs before age 60, benefits will be paid to a maximum of age 65.
  • If you become disabled at or after age 60, benefits would be paid according to a benefit duration schedule found in the LTD insurance summary plan description booklet.
How do I file a long term disability (LTD) insurance?
You should begin the LTD claim process in the fifth month of your disability.
  • Contact Unum at 866-295-3007 who will advise you of the information necessary for submitting a claim.
  • UNUM will also supply you with any required claim forms.
Is the HSHS Pension an offset to long term disability (LTD) insurance?
No. Your HSHS Pension benefit is not an offset to your LTD benefit.
Can I continue my long term disability insurance (LTD) coverage if I retire?
Because the purpose of LTD insurance is to provide money to you in the event you cannot work due to being disabled, the LTD insurance coverage ends when you retire.