Leaving HSHS 

HSHS has created the HSHS Offboarding portal to assist you with common questions you may have as you leave employment with HSHS. If you have any questions that you are not able to find within this portal, our HSHS HR Team is here to assist you. You can reach one of our HR Representatives at the HR Service Center directly at 1-855-394-4747 or at MyHR@hshs.org

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Submitting a Resignation

In the event you decide to leave HSHS, you should submit a written notice to your leader as soon as a decision to leave is made. The notice should reflect the last day of work and reason for separation.

HSHS requests a one month written notice for any leader, salaried and/or licensed professional. A
two-week written notice is expected for all other colleagues. HSHS reserves the right to accelerate a colleague’s departure at its discretion and will pay the colleague through the notice period. Paid Time Off (PTO) hours may not be utilized as notice of termination. The termination date will be the colleague's last day of work.

If you are retiring and have questions regarding your HSHS Pension benefit(s) or would like to begin receiving your benefit, please reach out to the HSHS Pension Service Center at 1-855-394-4747 (Option #1).

Separating from employment based on retirement will require you to remain in retirement for at least 3 months before being considered for rehiring purposes.


Final Paycheck and PTO Payout

Your final regular paycheck will be direct deposited into your account(s) on record. The deposit will occur on the regularly scheduled pay date for the pay period that includes your termination date. Any accrued and unused PTO will be pay out on your final paycheck.   


Updating Personal Information with HSHS

To update any of your personal information before leaving HSHS, to include home mailing address, direct deposit information or Federal/State withholdings, access your colleague profile within Workday 



Access Past Statements through ADP

Beginning 1/14/2022, former colleagues of HSHS may view pay statements and annual statements (W-2’s) through the ADP online portal.  To access the portal, you will need:

  1. Access the website https://my.adp.com
  2. Organizational Registration Code: HSHS1-myadp.   

The portal will include all pay statements effective in the 2022 calendar year.  W-2 annual statements will be available for the 2022 calendar year and beyond which will be available in 2023. 

For assistance registering on the ADP portal, please refer to the ADP Employee Self Service Registration document here.

Exit Interview Information

We care about your work experience with us and want to make our organization an even better place to work. We are partnering with People Element, a third-party organization, to conduct exit interviews on our behalf.

You may complete your exit interview online or over the phone. If we have a personal email address on file for you, you will receive an email from People Element with instructions for completing your exit interview online. If you do not complete your exit interview online, People Element will also try to call you. Please note that you do not need to take any action; People Element will contact you following your departure from HSHS.

If you prefer to reach out to People Element directly to obtain your unique link to access the exit interview online, or if you would like to provide your feedback over the phone, please call (800) 765-6186 after your exit date. People Element interviewers are available to take your call Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and by appointment on weekends.

The information you provide in your exit interview will be kept confidential, so please provide your honest feedback.

• Improving the work environment for your former colleagues
• Identifying what we do well, and how we can improve
• Helping the organization continue to develop and grow

To ensure People Element is able to contact you, please make sure we have your current personal email address and phone number on file.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact Human Resources.




Continuation of HSHS Benefits Coverage

If you are enrolled in any HSHS benefits, coverage will end the last day of the month in which employment is terminated. Additional information to continue other group insurance benefits will be mailed to your home address. 

Medical Plan:
You and your covered dependents can continue your medical insurance coverage up to 18 months if you are covered for the previous three months before you separate, and you are under the age of 65. If you are over the age of 65, your dependents who remain under the age of 65 can be offered their own policy under the HSHS Continuation plan. You will be responsible for the full premium amount.

Dental Plan:
You and your covered dependents can continue your dental insurance coverage up to 18 months if you are covered for the previous three months before you separate. You will be responsible for the full premium amount.

   2023 Medical and Dental Insurance Continuation Monthly Premiums


HSHS Retirement Benefits upon Termination


HSHS 403(b):

Your 403(b) account may be paid in full when you terminate employment with HSHS. To defer taxes and avoid penalties for early withdrawal, your account balance may be rolled over directly to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or another qualified employer plan that allows rollovers. 

Distribution of the Participant’s Account shall begin no later than April 1st following the later of the calendar year in which the Participant attains age 70½ (age 72 if the Participant attained age 70½ after December 31, 2019), or the calendar year in which the Participant incurs a Termination from Employment.



HSHS Pension Plan:

Traditional Plan: Colleagues hired prior to July 1, 2014 are eligible for the HSHS Traditional Retirement Plan.
You are eligible for benefits under this plan if you reach your normal retirement date with at least five calendar years of service. Your normal retirement date is the first of the month on or immediately after your 65th birthday.

Click here to access your account.
Cash Balance Plan: Colleagues hired on or after July 1, 2014 are enrolled in the HSHS Pension Plan with a Cash Balance Benefit.
If you are vested with three years of vesting service, you may receive your benefit when you terminate employment with HSHS.
Your Cash Balance Benefit can be paid as:
•A lump sum distribution of your account balance, or
•An equivalent monthly benefit, based on your account balance.

Click here to access your account.


HSHS Flex Spending Accounts:

If you are leaving HSHS you may still submit claims for both the health care and/or the dependent care FSA.

Health Care FSA
  • Claims for services received through your benefit end date are eligible for reimbursement.
  • The benefit end date is the last day of the month in which employment is terminated.
  • Qualifying health care claims must be filed with Tri-Star Systems by May 1 of the year following the plan year in which you contributed to the spending account.
  • Your Benny Card will be automatically canceled on the benefit end date. You will need to submit claims directly to Tri-Star for reimbursement.

Dependent Care FSA

  • Claims may be submitted for dependent care expenses up to the amount in your account as of the day your benefits end with HSHS.
  • The benefit end date is the last day of the pay month in which employment is terminated.
  • Qualifying dependent care claims must be filed with Tri-Star Systems by May 1 of the year following the plan year in which you contributed to the spending account.
  • If you did not have any qualifying dependent care expenses as of the day your benefits end, you are not eligible to file any claims for reimbursement per IRS regulations.


Identity Protection

If you would like to stay protected with Allstate Identity Protection's Pro Plus coverage after leaving HSHS, please contact the Allstate Privacy Advocate team within 90 days of your leaving at (800)789-2720. You can take advantage of the discounted rate of $9.95 per individual, or $17.95 for a family. Please reference the Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus Portability letter here for more information.

Social Security Administration Office/Medicare Coverage

If you are over the age of 65 (or turning 65 in the next 3 months) and are not actively receiving benefits from Social Security, we encourage you to sign up for Medicare through Social Security. You can either sign up for Medicare online by visiting medicare.gov or by contacting your local Social Security Administration Office. To find locations near you, visit ssa.gov.



Unemployment Benefits

To discuss your options surrounding unemployment benefits, you should contact your local unemployment office. Please click below to access the Illinois and Wisconsin unemployment notices or visit your local state unemployment website.

Illinois Unemployment Notice    Wisconsin Unemployment Notice
IDES-Logo-(1).jpg        DWD-Logo-(1).gif
Illinois Department of Security    Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Phone: (800) 244-5631               Phone: (608) 242-4919
http://www2.illinois.gov/ides       https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/ui/

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