HSHS provides two dental plan options to help you care for your teeth and gums: 

  • Basic Option
  • High Option

You can enroll yourself and eligible dependents for dental coverage even if you decline medical coverage. You may also choose not to enroll for dental coverage at all. This gives you the flexibility to choose the types of coverage that best meet your needs.

What the Dental Plan Covers

The dental options provide coverage for preventive and diagnostic services, basic and major care. When you enroll in the High Option, orthodontia and implants are also covered for you and your eligible dependents.

Cigna contracts with dentists and other dental care providers in all of the communities where HSHS is located. If you use network dentists, you can save money. Go to to see which dental offices participate in the Cigna DPPO network.

The chart below highlights some commonly used services and shows how the dental plan options compare for the 2024 Plan Year.

See the Dental Plan SPD for more information.  

Dental Forms & Resources

How to Find a Dentist
Cigna Dental Claim Form
Cigna Dental Oral Health Integration Program
Cigna Dental Oral Health Maternity Program