Short Term Disability

What is short term disability (STD) benefit and who is eligible?
  • The Short Term Disability Income Protection Plan (STD) is sponsored by HSHS to replace a portion of your income (70%) in the event you are unable to work due to an illness or injury.
  • The STD benefit does not provide benefits for occupational (work related) illness or injury or to care for an ill or injured family member.
  • You are eligible for STD benefits if you are a regular active colleague of an HSHS facility and regularly scheduled/budgeted to work 32 or more hours per biweekly pay period.
  • Temporary or leased colleagues are not eligible for STD benefits.
  • Coverage in the Short Term Disability Income Protection Plan will begin after you complete 90 days of active employment.
How do I file a request/claim for short term disability or EIB benefits?
The claim submission process for STD is telephonic.
  • Contact Unum at 866-295-3007 and provide the requested information to start your claim.
  • The STD policy # is 92707.
    • Unum will send a packet of information to your home address. 
    • Follow the directions on each form contained in the packet.
    • If you are unable to report for work, you must also notify your supervisor as soon as possible, prior to the start of your shift.
What is the elimination period for short term disability (STD) and can I use PTO during this time?
  • The elimination period is a period of continuous disability which must be satisfied before you are eligible to receive STD or EIB benefits.
  • The elimination period is seven (7) consecutive calendar days of absence and applies to both STD and EIB.
  • You are required to use PTO for any regularly scheduled work days that fall within these seven (7) consecutive calendar days of absence due to your disability, if you have PTO available.
  • See the Short Term Disability SPD for more information.
How long can I receive short term disability (STD) benefits?
  • The maximum period that you may receive STD benefits for the same period of disability is 26 weeks.
  • The Short Term Disability Income Protection Plan will not pay more than 26 weeks of STD benefits for a single period of disability.
Can I use PTO to supplement short term disability (STD) benefits so that I can receive 100% of my pay?

Yes, if you have PTO available, you may choose to use some of your PTO hours, so that in combination with your STD benefit, you receive 100% of your base pay.

  • For example, if you receive STD benefits for a week and you are regularly scheduled (budgeted) to work 40 hours a week, the STD plan would pay 70% of pay; that equates to 28 hours. You could use 12 hours of PTO that week to bring your pay to 100%.