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When you enroll in the HSHS medical plan, you automatically have prescription drug coverage through OptumRx. OptumRX provides safe, easy, and cost-effective ways to get the medication you need. 

New in 2024: Prescription drug deductible and out of pocket maximum is combined with medical deductible and out of pocket maximum for plan options you select.

Managing your pharmacy benefits can be confusing. OptumRx is here to support you by offering the online tools you need to navigate your pharmacy benefit. Watch the short video above to learn more about the tools that are available to you on

In accordance to the HSHS Healthy Plan, Optum offers a variety of options for receiving your prescriptions:

Mail Service Saver Plus
The plan includes a cost-saving medication home delivery program called Mail Service Saver Plus. You are able to fill your prescription at a retail pharmacy up to two times. Then you must start using an HSHS pharmacy or home delivery from OptumRx or you will have to pay the full cost of your medication. For more information on getting started with OptumRx home delivery or to find the mail-in order form, click here.

Visit an HSHS Pharmacy
HSHS pharmacies can be found in select HSHS facilities and elsewhere in the communities we serve. You can save time in your day by getting your prescription filled at or close to your work location. Experience the ease and convenience of using an HSHS pharmacy! Click here to find a list of locations and hours.

Automatic Refill Program
Save even more time with our Automatic Refill Program. It's an easy way to get automatic refills for the medications you take regularly. When it's time to refill your prescriptions, Optum will contact you to let you know that your order will ship soon. They will then bill your approved payment method of file and send a 3-month supply right to your door. Click here for more information.

Medication Home Delivery
You could save time and money by getting maintenance medications from an HSHS pharmacy or through the mail using OptumRx home delivery. Use a HSHS pharmacy or OptumRx home delivery to get up to a 3-month supply of the medications you take regularly - often for less what you'd pay at a retail pharmacy. If you use OptumRx home delivery, your medication will come right to your mailbox. 

Retail Pharmacies
The plan's retail pharmacy network has thousands of retail pharmacies - including national chains and most independent pharmacies. For a complete list of participating pharmacies, use the Pharmacy Locator tool on the OptumRx App, at or call a customer service advocate at 1-844-720-0030, TTY 711.
  • Beginning January 1, 2022! You will be able to fill a 90-day supply of non-specialty prescription drugs using Walgreens, in addition to HSHS pharmacies and the OptumRx mail order service.
Specialty Pharmacy
You can fill your specialty medications at a HSHS pharmacy or Optum Specialty Pharmacy. To learn more, call 1-877-383-2907.

24/7 Support
With OptumRx home delivery, pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions about your medications or prescription benefits. You can call 1-844-720-0030, TTY 711 for assistance.