Health (Wisconsin)

When does health insurance coverage begin?
  • Your coverage will begin on the first day of a pay period following two full pay periods of employment.
  • The two full pay period waiting period applies if you are a newly hired colleague or have transferred from a PRN position to a benefits eligible position.
  • Coverage for your dependents begins on the same day as your coverage as long as you have enrolled them for health insurance.
If I do not enroll by my enrollment deadline, what coverage will I have?
If you are a new hire and you do not enroll by your enrollment deadline, you will have the following coverage by default:
  • Basic Life and AD&D insurance
  • Short-Term Disability Coverage
  • Long-Term Disability Coverage
What about emergency room care?
  • If your condition is a true emergency, you will have a $100 copayment for emergency services. This is in addition to your deductible and coinsurance for the medical plan option you select.
  • If you utilize the emergency room for a non-emergency condition, you will have a $300 copayment in addition to your deductible and coinsurance for the medical plan option you select.
How can I benefit from using a Network Primary Care Physician (PCP)?
  • When you receive care from a network PCP, there’s no deductible and care will be covered at 95% with no office visit copayment. 
  • More importantly, your Primary Care Physician is the quarterback of your healthcare team.
  • A PCP can help you maintain and improve your health and provide direction for any specialist care you need.
How do I find an in-network provider (Dean Health/Prevea360)?

Go to and follow the instructions to locate a provider. 

For help determining which network service area you are in, see the 2021 Flexplan Benefits Guide or click here to view the list of zip codes.

If you have a dependent who lives outside the state of Wisconsin, such as a child attending college, you are required to register your dependent with Dean Health Plan  (1-888-895-1188) in order to have the national Multiplan network apply for your dependent’s HSHS Healthy Plan coverage.

If my doctor recommends that I receive care form a non-network provider, will that care be covered?
Services received from a non-network provider will be covered only if you first obtain a referral from your network provider and prior authorization from Dean Health Plan. Your network provider will need to submit a referral to Dean Health Plan to request coverage for treatment you receive from a provider who does not participate in your assigned network. If HealthEOS is your primary network, you will need a referral if the provider does not participate in either the HSHS/Prevea360 or HealthEOS networks.

Your network provider or Dean Health Plan may limit the number of visits, type of service or length of time for receiving services from a non-network provider. If you have questions about the referral process, contact Dean Health Plan at 888-895-1188.