Since launching in fall 2017, the HSHS LiveWELL Program has made an impact on colleagues across HSHS!  With over 11,000 colleagues enrolled, HSHS promotes total health and well-being for colleagues through this program.  Read how LiveWELL has made an impact on these colleagues over the last year.

August 2019 LiveWELL Stories

Name: Judy
Position: LPN – Physician Practice
Ministry: Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 2

My favorite LiveWELL category so far has been the financial category. I was spinning my wheels trying to pay bills and keep up with expenses other than the necessities.  I'm not a spur of the moment buyer so that is not an issue.  However, I sat down and really looked at what was NEEDED compared to used.  I found that my Cable was not needed, and I found a cheaper insurance company upon shopping for it.  I have saved myself $170 in monthly expenses.  This is a huge relief as now I can make payments on credit cards/gas/groceries without worrying how to make it week to week.

What I really like most about the HSHS LiveWELL program is the comradery it creates.  Colleagues doing the same activities to meet a challenge goal.  Laughter, sharing and completing goals have helped motivate people and create joy in others.

Name: Megan
Position: Phlebotomist
Ministry: St. Elizabeth’s Hospital – O’Fallon, IL
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 1
The physical category of the LiveWELL program has been my favorite so far. I have personally been able to focus on weight loss and diabetes management. 

In January 2019 I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic (8.9 A1C), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver and weighing 222lbs. Today all my labs are normal (5.2 A1C), fatty liver is reversed, and my blood pressure and cholesterol meds are gone. I recently weighed in at 158lbs. LiveWELL has helped me keep myself accountable and taught me mental health is just as important in lowering my numbers.

Name: Angie
Position: Certified Nurse Assistant
Ministry: Holy Family Hospital – Greenville, IL
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 2
Work Well-being has been my favorite LiveWELL challenge category so far. I think it is important to have goals at work and to have the core values instilled in you often.  

What I liked most about LiveWELL is that it holds you accountable daily. When you see your accomplishments on the screen, it makes you want to keep going.  

Name: James
Position: Philanthropy Specialist
Ministry: Sacred Heart Hospital – Eau Claire
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 3
My favorite LiveWELL challenge category so far has been the physical category. This is where I need the most work and the most reinforcement.

Last year, I depended heavily on LiveWELL as part of my smoking cessation. More than anything, it was just a great reminder and encouragement to stay on track. It also put me in contact with a Prevea Health coach (3 sessions) which I otherwise would not have done. This outlet, in combination with the point reward system and the daily morning routine of checking my LiveWELL stats really helped keep me on track. Then, in November, I was diagnosed with cancer. This set me back a bit, but now, being cancer-free and having just celebrated one-year smoking-free, I find I am really relying on LiveWELL again as I try and spur myself to better health and wellness.

Name: Michelle
Position: CT/MRI Technologist
Ministry: St. Nicholas Hospital– Sheboygan
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 3
The physical side of LiveWELL has been my favorite challenge category so far. Since starting the LiveWELL program, I have started a new meal plan and lost over 40 lbs.  I enjoy talking to my health coach that was provided through the program. I am finding new and better ways to work out and eat!  I even have my husband following the program and he has lost 70 lbs.  

I have really enjoyed participating in the LiveWELL program and enjoy taking on the new challenges every day.  I don't spend as much time on my electronics. I actually went to the farmer’s market and loved it.  I have lost a lot of weight and am getting more sleep.   I read now before bed instead of watch tv which has been great for my sleep patterns.  All and all the Livewell program has given me a new way to live and I am sticking with it.

Name: Denise
Position: Medical Laboratory Scientist
Ministry: St. John’s Hospital – Springfield, IL
Current LiveWELL Level: Level 3

The physical category has helped me make changes in all aspects of my everyday life. 
I love how HSHS LiveWell help keeps me accountable. I am (slowly but surely) making changes in all aspects of my life. I have lost a total of 41lbs since the end of January by implementing the Keto lifestyle and also by using LiveWell and the Limeade app. The small amount of weight loss has allowed me to have more interaction with my daughters. I feel like I am more alert and energetic which has led to a more positive work day. I am so grateful for having this program at work which is making a positive impact in not just my life but my family's as well. My ten year old will check my app and comment on if we need more steps and she will go for a walk with me. She gets pretty excited when "our" points go up. Thank you HSHS for helping me on my journey to a better me.