Hidden Paycheck

How do I access my Hidden Paycheck?

The Personal Benefit Statements (Hidden Paycheck) are generated each April and are available in the document repository through Colleague Self Service. To access your document library please use the following steps:

  1. Log onto PeopleSoft
  2. Click Self Service
  3. Click ESS Document Repository
  4. Under Document Type select the requested statement - Benefits Statement
  5. Select "View" next to the document you wish to view and/or print. The most recent document will be at the top of the list.


What is the “Hidden Paycheck?”
  • The “hidden paycheck” is a personal benefit statement that provides you with detailed information regarding the cost of your benefits, PTO, short term disability/EIB, and annual salary.
  • The hidden benefit costs that are paid by your employer are compared to your costs.
  • The hidden paycheck allows you to see how much your employer has added to your total compensation through the wide range of benefits that are provided by HSHS.
Why doesn’t the annual salary on hidden paycheck match my W-2 for last year?
The annual salary amount listed on the personal benefit statement does not include any PTO, PTO cash, short term disability, or EIB that you may have received during the year. In order to calculate your total earnings for the year, add the separate balances for EIB, STD, PTO, and PTO Cash to your annual salary.