Since launching in fall 2017, the HSHS LiveWELL Program has made an impact on colleagues across HSHS!  With over 11,000 colleagues enrolled, HSHS promotes total health and well-being for colleagues through this program.  Read how LiveWELL has made an impact on these colleagues over the last year.

July 2018 LiveWELL Stories

Name: Marian Embry
Position: Volunteer Services Director/Director of Senior Living
Ministry: HSHS Holy Family Hospital, Greenville 
LiveWELL Point Balance: 2,824 as of 6/6/18
My favorite LiveWELL challenge so far has been the awareness of spending, eating and goals.  I am goal oriented and love competitions and challenges.    

Name: Tiffany Frailey
Position: Physician Practice Manager
Ministry: HSHS Medical Group 
LiveWELL Point Balance: 3,700 as of 6/6/18
My favorite LiveWELL challenge so far has been the steps challenge.  It motivates me to move when I don't feel like it. I enjoy the accountability and the various suggestions.  It makes me think about more steps, bringing my lunch, meditation, working out when stressed (instead of eating!), etc.           
Name: McKenzie St. Claire
Position: Learning/OD Specialist
Ministry: HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire, WI
LiveWELL Point Balance: 3,765 as of 6/11/18
My favorite LiveWELL challenge so far has been the Sleeping Enough weekly target. I prioritize my sleep because I think it's what gives me my best energy for the next day to be able to do all of the things I do on a daily basis. This challenge was a good reminder to log each day so I could record that I got enough sleep from the night before. It's nice that this program serves as an accountability partner because you can go in each week and log that you actually completed the challenge.
I have really enjoyed the HSHS LiveWELL program because it's a gentle reminder and way to hold yourself accountable to living a healthy lifestyle. I appreciate that it incorporates all aspects of what healthy wellness actually is and it's not just limited to eating healthy and working out. Living well includes so many more aspects in your life than just good nutrition and physical health. The LiveWELL program truly strives to encourage participants to live their WHOLE lives well and I love that about it! It's truly great to work for an organization that wants to and encourages their colleagues to invest in all aspects of their wellness including, but not limited to financial, spiritual, physical, nutritional and mental wellness.    
Name: Amber Ridgeway
Position: Advanced Practice RN
Ministry: Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, Decatur, IL
LiveWELL Point Balance:  1,153 as of 6/11/18
I just started really exploring and I have to say I think getting points for my 10,000 daily steps will be my favorite. I love to walk but I need help remembering to make it a priority.  LiveWELL is so fun and interactive. It reminds me to focus on my own health. It helps to be reminded to live INTENTIONALLY.

Name: Edward Gordon
Position: Medical Laboratory Scientist
Ministry: HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital, Decatur, IL
LiveWELL Point Balance: 2,500 as of 6/10/18

The weekly step challenges have been my favorite challenges so far. I really like competing in the weekly challenge for steps to see if I need to improve my activity or move more at work.

Name: Trisha Christ
Position: Patient Account Representative
Ministry: HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital – Breese, IL
LiveWELL Point Balance: 4,496

The 10,000 daily steps has been my favorite challenge so far.  LiveWELL has motivated me to set goals.  I really enjoy the 10,000 daily steps challenge!  LiveWELL makes keeping track of my goals easy.

Name: Lesley Wolfgang
Position: Library Director
Ministry: HSHS St. John’s Hospital, Springfield
LiveWELL Point Balance: 4,380 as of 6/12/18

My favorite LiveWELL challenge so far has definitely been the 70k steps per week challenge. It has made me more intentional about making sure I get an average of 10k steps per day (I get about half my daily steps from my morning run and the other half from my regular work day) and to get up and go for mini-walking breaks at work, especially if I didn’t run that morning. This benefits both me AND the organization because it gets me out of the library more, which is one of my daily professional goals. Win-win!
I appreciate being rewarded monetarily for things I was already doing before the challenge (exercising regularly, eating well, etc.), but I also use LiveWELL as a daily accountability tool. It helps me be more intentional about making healthy choices on a daily and weekly basis. I also think it’s great that LiveWELL takes a holistic, “whole-life” approach and includes financial, mental health, and work-life balance elements. I also like that the challenges change quarterly (except for the ongoing 70k weekly steps challenge—it’s good that that one is consistent), because it gives me something new to focus on each quarter. LiveWELL is by far the most unique and most useful workplace wellness program and tool I’ve ever used at any institution I’ve worked for. I hope it’s here to stay!
Name: Nancy Wolf
Position: Systems Analyst III
Ministry: HSHS ISC – located at St. Anthony’s Hospital, Effingham, IL 
LiveWELL Point Balance: 2,349 as of June 20, 2018
My favorite thing about LiveWELL is the accountability. I like the tracking feature.  I also enjoy working with the wellness coach.  I wanted to lose weight but ending up becoming more relaxed and feeling better about myself.  I still need to lose weight but I think reducing the stress factors needed to be first.


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