HSHS Pension Portal

What is the HSHS Pension Portal?
The HSHS Pension Portal is a online portal for HSHS pension plan participants.
Who is eligible to use the HSHS Pension Portal?
All HSHS Pension plan participants (active and term-vested) will have access to the Penison portal. In addition, alternate payees, surviving spouses, and beneficiaries in pay status will also have access.
*Please note, Colleagues who have not been employed at an HSHS ministry for a minimum of 12 months and/or have yet to work 1,000 hours or more in a calendar year will not have access to the online pension portal.
Am I required to use the Pension portal?
No. You still have access to a dedicated HSHS Pension Service Center team who can help you with any questions or needs that you may have. You can contact your Pension Representatives at 1-855-394-4747 – Option #1) Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (CST).
How can I access the HSHS Pension portal?
You can access the portal anytime from anywhere using any device (including mobile) with internet access. Login and register at http://benefits.hshs.org/pension.
What is required to register my account?
As part of the registration process, you will be prompted to set up a username and password. Your username must be an active email address that you are able to access, and your password will need to meet a minimum set of requirements, which will be specified during the registration process. As part of our Multifactor Authentication process, you will also be asked to provide at least one secondary contact method. This can either be another email address or a phone number that can be used to send a temporary numeric code to validate your identity,
Will I still have access to the HSHS Pension Portal if I retire or leave employment from HSHS?
Yes. If you are a vested participant in the HSHS Pension Plan (Traditional), you will continue to have access to your HSHS Pension benefits until 7/1/2024.