2020 Flexplan Benefits


Retirement Blurb


Retirement Blurb

What's new! Watch your home mailbox for additional information coming soon.

New Pharmacy Benefit Manager — OptumRx
This year HSHS is introducing an important change to our prescription drug program. We’re moving to a new pharmacy benefit manager for all colleagues who choose HSHS Healthy Plan coverage. That means regardless of where you work – in Illinois or Wisconsin — OptumRx will administer the prescription drug program for your medical plan.

Moving to a system-wide pharmacy benefit manager means colleagues will have access through OptumRx to a broad national retail pharmacy network, a convenient and easy-to-use mail order program, live customer support and online and mobile resources available 24/7. We’re excited to introduce this change. It’s good news for our system and for you! Watch your home mailbox for additional information coming soon. 

Additional Health Benefit – Hearing Aids
For 2020, HSHS will add coverage for hearing aids to the HSHS Healthy Plan. The plan will cover $1,400 per hearing aid every three years, which will help make these important devices more affordable.

Enhancements to Education Assistance Program
HSHS is increasing the assistance provided to eligible colleagues who choose to continue their education. See the 2020 Flexplan Benefits Guide for more information. 

“Cash-in” Paid Time Off Available to More Colleagues
Non-management and management colleagues who are regularly scheduled (budgeted) to work at least 32 hours per pay period and are not physicians will have the opportunity to “cash-in” paid time off (PTO). To “cash in” up to 40 hours of PTO in 2020, you need to declare the number of PTO hours you will “cash-in” during annual enrollment, so that you can be paid for the PTO hours at 100% of your straight time rate of pay. See the interactive 2020 Flexplan Benefits Guide for more information.

Except for the changes described in this section, your medical benefits, as well as benefits for dental, vision, life, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) and disability are not changing for 2020.

Important reminders about current benefits

The HSHS wellness program, LiveWELL, now offers more flexibility for completing the program’s challenges and earning the “Level 1” wellness incentive (at least 1,000 points). Participants will be able to complete challenges of their choice and earn incentives anytime during the program period. HSHS recognizes that everyone’s wellness journey is different. Join today and work at your own pace and focus on the challenges that fit your need. In 2020, participants can earn up to $25 per pay period.

HSHS Anytime Care
When you have a non-emergency and your regular physician is not available, you can use the Anytime Virtual Care Program, which provides access to care around the clock. The HSHS Healthy Plan pays 100% for virtual care services for covered colleagues and their covered dependents.

HSHS Colleague Service Center
At HSHS our colleagues are fortunate to have the representatives of the HSHS Colleague Service Center to assist them and their family members with benefit-related questions and issues. For additional help with enrolling, or if you have questions about your Flexplan benefits, contact the HSHS Colleague Service Center. You can speak to a benefits representative from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central time, Monday through Friday by calling 1-855-FYI-HSHS.